Security Services

Our company can offer immediate security personnel on a twenty-four hour basis and with reasonable notice undertake extremely large projects with full operational support in management, communications and logistics.

The following is a short list of the Security Services that we provide for our customers. If you have any other requirements or needs regarding Security Services that are not listed below please contact SJK SECURITY CONSULTANTS make an arrangement for your needs.

Static Guard Services

SJK Security Consultants provides highly trained security officers that are fully licensed in accordance with industry standards. All officers are specially selected after comprehensive screening procedures and rigorous staff selection to ensure high quality, professional officers. Each SJK Security Consultants officer is professionally attired and trained in public relations and poses comprehensive communication skills.

Concierge Services for High Rise Buildings

Our Concierge resources are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
We offer a reliable team of well-presented, articulate, personnel (male and female) to help service any venue. Our concierges are there for your assistance.

Mobile Patrols Services

SJK Security Consultants offer 24 hours, 7 day a week patrols to residential, commercial and industrial sectors. All mobile patrol officers have exhaustive knowledge of their patrol area and the sites therein.

Gatehouse Security

SJK Security Consultants provides uniformed officers to carry out all gatehouse duties for the private and commercial client. Controlling and monitoring entry to your property is a highly effective way of deterring crime.

Industrial & Construction Site Security

SJK Security Consultants are the most effective solution to Construction Security to guard persons and property. We supply construction security guards for the construction industry; we use conventional methods to ensure the construction site is not vulnerable.

Security Keying and Access Control

SJK Security Consultants are well trained to make sure that premises are kept secure. Our staffs are aware of their responsibilities whilst handling the master keys for the common property under the control of the Owners Corporation.

CCTV Monitoring Services

SJK Security Consultants will provide you with guards who are licensed by the SIA to provide CCTV monitoring.

Patrol Management Recorder System

SJK Security Consultants utilizes ValuMate2 Lightweight Recorder NS 4000+ Patrol management System upon the request from the client to provide optimum security and peace of mind.