The current turbulent times in the world have led to many tense and demanding situations.  The need to heighten security for staff, customers and the general public is of paramount importance.  As these trying times and events unfold you need to turn to people you can trust to ensure that your staff, premises, or public are safe.

There are many security companies in Sydney so why choose us for your Security Guard Services?

We offer a comprehensive and specialised service which includes:

  • Static Security
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Concierge
  • Crowd Control
  • Traffic Control
  • CCTV Monitoring


Do you need to Hire a Security Guard?

In these troubled times where things are changing so quickly you may need to rethink the way you run your business and one of the things on the top of your list might be “hire security guard

If you have never had the need to hire a security guard for your business before the prospect can be daunting.  You may be looking at the need to have a security guard on your premises to ensure the safety of your staff or your patrons.  So, what do you need to look for?  The most important thing to look for is a company that trains its staff thoroughly and professionally. You need a company you can rely to supply you with security guards who will give you peace of mind and take that burden away from you and your staff.  To hire a security guard can be the best option so that you and your staff can go about their business in a safe and protected environment. 

Our well-trained security officers offer a reassuring presence for any situation.  Our static security guards know how to react in extreme situations but also how to calm a situation.  Qualified and professional they can ensure that your business runs smoothly and securely. They are fully accredited and have first aid experience. 

Remember the old adage “it is better to be safe than sorry”. Let us help make you and your staff safe and secure.  

What are the other Security Guard Services?

We are a dependable and reliable security company and we offer a large range of security guard services.  Some of these services are listed above and offer protection for businesses and residential properties.

Another consequence of the current situation is that a lot of premises are closed or with reduced hours.  If you have found yourself in this situation then your premises or business may be vulnerable to break in and other criminal activity. You may need to have use of our Patrol Services.  We can organise external patrols, internal patrols, staff escort and property inspections. We can tailor a solution to suit your business and your budget.  

Let us help take away the stress of securing your business or premise. Talk to us about the options available. It is a stressful time and we understand that it is important that you find the solution that will suit you so you can get back to business securely. 

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