Hire static security guard to add defense to life

Security of the life becomes a concern as we grow up financially in our life. It would be nerve-wracking to get a call at the midnight that your alarm system is sounding on a cold night. Regardless of the fact that you run a retail business or operate big business premises, there is potential for loss or threat. Security solutions offered by SJK security services are ready to protect you and your premises 24X7.

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How assured are you about their honesty and efficiency to safeguard you or your property? Whether you have personal threats to your life or want to protect your business or commercial premises, you need to hire a loyal static security guard. Here comes the role of static security guard services of SJK Security Consultants. Customized static security solutions offered by the company helps in addressing different security needs like:

-          Safeguarding business premises

-          Commercial premises

-          Personal security guards and much more.

Being trusted by the biggest names in Sydney, our security solutions can assure you the quality service desired. Our highly trained static security guards will stand by your side offering you the required protection 24×7 throughout the year.

We understand the growing demand for security needs throughout the nation. That’s why we have made security solutions not only quick but also hassle free. Multi-location companies and small business can easily take our services. Our professionally trained and experienced security staff stands by you to protect your premises right there.

The company offers benefits that others cannot compete. SJK Security regularly invests on training the security personnel with the new equipment. This helps in ensuring that our security personnel have latest equipment at their fingertips whenever required. To keep the customers assured that they are receiving the right service; our expert staff handles the job effectively exceeding your expectations.

Why SJK static security guard services?

  •  We abide by government regulations. Thus, our security guards have the license to do their job properly.
  •  Trained to respond emergency situations, have hands-on latest equipment used for security purpose
  •  Are certified to monitor building security, CCTV monitoring, manage security for events and carry out scheduled surveillance regularly
Why Choose Us
  • Fully Licensed and Accredited company
  • Committed to exceeding our customers' expectation
  • Over 15 years of experience in Security Services
  • Our team is briefed, trained and supervised in the operation of the site.
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