Secure Your Commercial Sites with Efficient Gatehouse Security

Secure Your Commercial Sites with Efficient Gatehouse Security

Our gatehouse personnel play an important role in ensuring the safety and security of high risk facilities, such as airport warehouses, shipping terminals, and more. They control access to premises, allowing only designated visitors and employees. This type of security has become all the more important owing to the latest terrorist attacks, acts of vandalism and big thefts.

We provide you complete protection through our gatehouse security officers and gatehouse monitoring personnel. Our experts also have the requisite experience, qualification and training to recommend as well as implement improvements in the security practices and procedures of your commercial site.

Hiring our gatehouse security staff gives you the following benefits:

  • Guards are always on time, with efficient management of shift assignments.
  • Our entire staff has a professional and friendly demeanor, and is adept at providing high-end customer service.
  • They are quick learners and would rapidly grasp the policies, rules and regulations of the commercial areas wherein they would be posted.
  • Our gatehouse security guards have the necessary qualifications to deal with traffic control, emergency first aid and are also trained in requisite occupational health and safety issues.
  • The guards have received extensive training in reporting any security incidents and also properly responding to situations involving security risk.

Apart from efficient security guards, we also render due assistance in supply as well as installation of CCTV security systems as well as access control systems.

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