What do Mobile Patrols Offer?

There’s been a break-in in your house, which has been vandalised. To deal with such occurrences you need a mobile patrol.

A mobile patrol service such as SJK Security offers 24×7 service whereby the patrol will canvass a neighbourhood and be alert to any possible criminal activity. Also, they could be hired to watch over your property. Inspections of sites are integral in their line of work, as is ascertaining maintenance problems related to any site.

Protecting people also is part of their operations, for example they keep an eye on staff working alone or till late. Some employees of such security organisations are well-versed in judo and other self-defence techniques. Here some functions of Mobile Patrols

Protection of Property

Protection of property is an essential part of a mobile patrol organisation. Prevention of breaking and entering is their aim. A important service is the locking and opening of doors. A quick and efficient response to an alarm in an emergency situation or a likely problematic occurrence is another of their key operations. Also, there’s regular checks of the condition of the alarm. It is paramount that gates and windows be secure, so there are checks related to those as well.

If someone is cagey about a certain place nearby there could be spot inspections. A mobile patrol can be employed to comb any location which arouses suspicion be it estates, unused spots, warehouses or even construction sites.

Branching Out

If you’re carrying a lot of money or delivering very costly and important stuff a mobile security patrol can come in handy. Their work also includes accompanying someone delivering an expensive painting or travelling with bank deposits. Celebrities have been known to employ mobile security patrols

Providing security for offices or any building is a part of their work as well. In short, they keep one safe and sound!

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